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  • Sanitary and hygiene products KATRIN
  • Professional cleaning chemicals TANA
  • Karcher – Professional products.
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  • TORK

    The Tork trademark is owned by the SCA corporation, a world-known producer of sanitary and hygiene products. The range of Tork products, intended for non-domestic use, is expansive and tailored for a variety of applications and user needs. Products of this brand include paper towels, liquid…


    Jofel is known as a producer of high-quality sanitary and hygienic equipment, such as dispensers for toiler paper, paper towels and liquid soap, ashtray bins, garbage bins, hand driers, and wall-mounted hair driers. The product design and manufacturing quality are the focus of Jofel’s production process.…

  • 3M

    3M was founded in 1902, in the town of Two Harmors (Minnesota, USA). It started out as a mining company and went on to open processing companies as well. Today, 3M is an international diversified corporation with a wide business geography. Starting from 1976, 3M has…

  • Kimberly Clark Professional

    Kimberly-Clark is the largest manufacturer of sanitary and hygiene products, and personal protective gear. This was the first company in the world to develop a whole range of products that were innovative for its time. Paper towels, toilet rolls and disposable work clothes – all that…

  • Katrin

    Kartin is the trademark of high-quality and environmentally friendly professional hygiene products. The Katrin trademark is part of the Metsä Tissue corporation. By choosing this brand, you choose modern and functional solutions that will provide for the highest degree of hygiene, while the ergonomic design of…

  • Vileda Professional

    Vileda Professional is a brand owned by the multinational corporation Freudenberg Household Products Eastern Europe. The FHP company group was founded over 150 years ago, and works in nine different business directions, one of which is production of cleaning equipment. The company’s business idea lies in…

  • TANA

    The Tana brand is part of the Werner & Merz concern. This brand is represented by a vast range of chemical products for professional cleaning. These chemicals are intended to clean any surface of any kind of contamination. Safety, both for the environment and the product…

  • Chistiy i Umniy

    Betta-Service presents professional garbage bags from the Clean and Clever brand. These products are intended for cleaning and hygiene work in public places, at industrial facilities and construction sites, transport facilities and health care institutions, and are there to meet the growing demand of the cleaning…

  • Ecolab

    Now for a few words about ECOLAB. This company has been on the Ukrainian market since 1998, but its roots date back quite further than that. ECOLAB, a company working in Europe, is a joint venture of two power players of the specialized chemicals market, namely…

  • Karcher

    Karcher is the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment. The company was started in Stuttgart in 1935 by Alfred Karcher. Originally, the company was focused on manufacturing heating elements, but gradually changed its profile towards high-pressure cleaning equipment. Today, Karcher owns a number of unique engineering…

  • Polmar

    Polmar introduced itself to consumers in 1991. After starting with manufacturing finishing and construction materials, the brand gradually expanded its assortment and started manufacturing entry systems of various complexity levels. Thanks to the company’s innovative developments, Polmar carpeting meets high standards, enjoys sustainable consumer demand, and…

  • Dobra Gospodarochka

    Dobra Gospodarochka is a brand that offers a new approach to housekeeping. Our products will help you be done with housework quickly, and spend more time with your friends and family. Thanks to Good Housekeeper, you will finish cleaning and cooking in a matter of minutes,…